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1.1. The name of the non-profit organization is "Mittetulundusühing Wikimedia Eesti" ('Non-profit organization Wikimedia Estonia'; later referred as "MTÜ"). Internationally the name "Wikimedia Estonia" will also be used.
1.2. The seat of the MTÜ is TallinnTartu, Estonia.
1.3. MTÜ is an independent non-profit-seeking charitable organization that is based on voluntary individuals joined for the public interest. MTÜ is guided by the laws of the Republic of Estonia, the decisions of the memorandum of Association and this Statute.
== V The Board ==
5.1. MTÜ has a Board that is the executive and representative body of the Organization. The Board consists of at least 3 members who have to be legally competent natural persons and who are appointed by the charter members at first time and later by the General Meeting for onetwo year term.
5.2. The board shall: