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'''Digitizing Estonian Literature''' is a project of [[w:et:Wikimedia Eesti|Wikimedia Eesti]].
The objective of the project is to digitize copyright-free Estonian literature in Estonian [[w:en:Wikisource|Wikisource]] ([[w:Vikitekstid|Vikitekstid]]).
This is a short overview of current situation, as of March 3, 2012.
==Our partners==
The main digitizers, and therefore, hopefully, our main partners are:
* [[w:Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum]] ([[w:en:Estonian Literary Museum|Estonian Literary Museum]]) - [[w:Kreutzwaldi sajand|Kreutzwaldi sajand]], a web project on Estonian cultural history in 19th c. and the start of 20th c. (but they also have one of the biggest folklore archives on this particular planet)
* [[w:Tartu Ülikooli raamatukogu|Tartu Ülikooli raamatukogu]] ([[w:en:Library of University of Tartu|Library of University of Tartu]]; [ Library of University of Tartu]) - [[EEVA]], a database of authors and texts of older Estonian literature, focusing on the Baltic German authors
* [[w:Tartu linnaraamatukogu|Tartu linnaraamatukogu]] ([[w:en:City Library of Tartu|Tartu Public Library]]; [ Tartu Public Library])
* [[w:Rahvusraamatukogu|Rahvusraamatukogu]] ([[w:en:National Library of Estonia|National Library of Estonia]]) - mostly focusing on the OCR-less
We have discussed our plans with the first two, and further discussions are in order.