Erinevus lehekülje "Bylaws" redaktsioonide vahel

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2.2. To become a member of the MTÜ it is necessary to submit an application to the Board which includes, inter alia, the person's first and last name as well as contact information.
2.3. The boardBoard decides on the membership of the new members.
2.4. The Board manages the record of the members of MTÜ.
2.7. A member has the right to withdraw from the MTÜ by submitting an application.
2.8. MemberA member of the MTÜ can withdraw at any time, but it has to makesend a written notice to the Board of at least one month prior to withdrawal.
2.9. A member may be excluded from the MTÜ by a resolution of the board if he/she:
:2.9.4. Has provided false information by intention while becoming a member.
2.10. In case of exclusion, the member of the MTÜ has the right to appeal the Board's decision to the general meeting of the MTÜ as prescribed by law and to demand the repeal of the exclusion decision by the general meeting.
2.11. In addition to its members, the MT has supporting members, who:
::2.11.1. support the activities of the MTÜ by paying a supporting member fee;
::2.11.2. have the right to attend the events and meetings of the MTÜ, but do not have voting rights in the meetings;
::2.11.3. to receive information about the activities of the MTÜ;
::2.11.4. the minimum supporting member fee is determined by the general meeting.
== III Rights and obligations of members ==
3.1. Members have the right:
:3.1.1. to participate and vote on the general meeting;
:3.1.2. to take part of the Board meeting;
:3.1.3. to be elected to the Board of MTÜ, audit committee or other bodies;
:3.1.4. to receive information fromabout the activities of the Board and other bodies of the MTÜ;:
:3.1.5. to use the other rights provided by the bylaws.
:4.5.4. to decide on entry into transactions with members of the board or another body, on the assertion of claims against such members and appoint a representative of the MTÜ in such transactions or claims;
4.6. The general meeting has a quorum if more than one-halfforty percent of the members or their representatives participate in the general meeting.
4.7. A resolution of the General Meeting is adopted if over one-half of the members or their representatives who participate in the meeting vote in favor of the resolution.
:4.7.1. to amend the articles of the bylaws, thenthe atconsent leastof two thirds (2/3 consent) of the participants is required;
:4.7.2. to change the objectiveaims of the MTÜ, thenthe consent of at least nine tenths (9/10 consent) of the members is required;.
4.8. The General Meeting can be held digitally.
== V The Board ==
5.1. The MTÜ has a Board that is the executive and representative body of the Organization. The Board consists of at least 3 members who have to be legally competent natural persons and who are appointed by the charter members at first time and later by the General Meeting for two year term.
5.2. The board shall:
5.3. To adopt a Board decision it is necessary to have a majority of votes of board members.
5.4. Each member of the Board has the right to represent the MTÜ in all legal acts that are in accordance with the Board decisions.
5.5. The Board may delegate the day-to-day management of the association and the representation of the association to the CEO.
== VI Divisions ==