English/Fenno-Ugric cooperation

Fenno-Ugric cooperation is a project aiming to find solutions to small Fenno-Ugric Wikipedia's problems in a joint effort.

Finno-Ugric wikiseminar 2014 in Vaskna Tourist Farm.
Finno-Ugric wikiseminar 2015.

There are Fenno-Ugric languages in which Wikipedia will most likely remain if not the only encyclopedia, then at least the most important and most voluminous. It can also be open, up-to-date and independent. Small Wikipedias have many common problems that could be solved more easily together. In that enterprise, three big Fenno-Ugric Wikipedias − Hungarian, Finnish, and Estonian − could provide some useful assistance.

Estonia has a long tradition of Fenno-Ugric cooperation, there are many people here who know FU peoples and languages quite well. At the same time, we have a logistically beneficial central position, and it is somewhat cheaper to arrange events here than in the several other EU countries. Estonians usually speak English and Russian, and we could also get some support from University of Tartu and Fenno-Ugria Foundation.

Estonian Wikipedia has also some inner resources: we have several Wikipedians who are actively participating in fennougristics and Fenno-Ugrian cooperation.

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Last seminars muuda

# Logo, photo Meeting Date Country Place
I.   Finno-Ugric wikiseminar 2014 22—24 AUGUST 2014 Estonia Tartu and Vaskna
II.   Finno-Ugric wikiseminar 2015 1—4 AUGUST 2015 Estonia Meremäe
III.   Finno-Ugric wikiseminar 2016 6—9 MAY 2016 Russia Intourist Onego Palace (Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia)
IV.   Finno-Ugric wikiseminar 2020 15—21 JANUARY 2020 Estonia Misso

I Seminar 2014 muuda

Thus, we would like to put our resources to some use. Therefore, we arranged a seminar on the cooperation of FU Wikipedias. Our preliminary plan was to have it in 2012 but we moved it to 22nd−24th of August 2014.

With the help of Wikimedia Foundation and Kindred Peoples Program of Estonia we provided some grants for travel to Estonia from Russia.

This seminar was intended to be not a very glamorous event, but a place to map our common problems and to coordinate further cooperation. We met in Tartu on the first day, on the premises of University of Tartu, and on the next day we proceeded to Vaskna, a nice and quiet place in Southern Estonia near Suur Munamägi where we had discussion in a less official climate.

II Seminar 2015 muuda

Second seminar took place in Meremäe parish on August 1−4, 2015.

IV Seminar 2020 muuda

4th seminar took place in Misso on January 15−21, 2020.

Problems and practices muuda

Amongst the possible themes there could be engaging people in small FU Wikipedias, covering controversial issues, article exchange, putting scarce funds to the best use, Wikipedia's special position in small cultures, etc. The most important thing is getting to participate as many small Wikipedian communities as possible.

It might also be fruitful to study the practices of currently only large international Wikipedian cooperation network Iberocoop. Although Iberocoop's members are connected by large languages Spanish and Portuguese, they also tend to some smaller Wikipedias in Latin American Indian languages which could have not dissimilar problems from our own.

Which FU wikis are there? muuda

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There are 13 public FU wikis:

In incubator there are 17 languages:

Participation muuda

We would be happy have each and every interested person on board. Please let us know of your interest on this article's talk page.

A longer description in Estonian and a short overview in Russian.